• Advice on civil conflicts of all kinds, administratively and judicially.


  • Mediation agreements and presentation of alternative strategies for the resolution of disputes, aiming to customer safety and the legal option to their interests, avoiding lawsuits.


  • Consultancy for preparation of notifications and judicial and extrajudicial, to blame, prove cause evidence, prevent responsibilities, guard against damage, provide live, request fulfillment of obligations, with the intention of obtaining an amicable settlement before initiating the lawsuit, among others.


  • Proposition and defense in emergency measures under civil law, such as arrest and seizure of property, search and seizure, display, security, early production of evidence, protest restraining and others.


  • Filing and defense of civil lawsuits of all kinds, including billing, monitoring, execution, obligation to do or not do, accountability, consignment in payment, deposit, cancellation of bearer securities.


  • Filing and defenses in shares of the Small Claims Courts (Small Claims).