• Advice on issues related to conflict between domain names and distinguishing marks, trade names, trademarks, civil names, nicknames, characters, of work permits and alerts.


  • Consultancy for companies aiming the adoption of good practice in the use of Internet in the workplace.


  • Proposition and defense in emergency measures within the Internet, such as removal or blocking of illegal content and web sites, preservation of data records and connection with the service providers, the use of domain names suspension, anticipated production of recorded evidence electronically.


  • Filing and defense of civil and criminal actions in defamation issues, slander and defamation on the Internet, practice of embezzlement by electronic means, violation of electronic mail and other secrecy.


  • Troubleshoot the probative effectiveness within the Internet, such as authenticity, modification and tampering with electronic documents and use of digital signatures.


  • Consulting e-commerce issues such as validity and effectiveness of electronic contracts, provision of services and sale of products over the Internet and problems concerning the web of electronic auction sites.


  • Consulting for web designers, programmers, artists and professionals linked to the development of web sites.


  • Troubleshooting arising from the use of computer programs (software) non-original or unlicensed, violation of their terms of use, distribution and use of unauthorized copies.